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January 15, 2012

Healthy, Quick ‘n Easy Snack/Breakfast For You and Your Spawn

by Gina

This is more assembly instructions than a true recipe…

What you’ll need:

  • Lightly salted rice cakes (Quaker has a widely available brand of rice cakes)
  • Peanut butter or other nut butter
  • Your favorite fruit and/or chocolate chips

Take a lightly salted rice cake. Spread peanut butter (or your preferred nut butter) over the top of it. Add your fruit of choice to the top of the peanut butter layer. Boy Spawn and I both like thinly sliced bananas and strawberries. Girl Spawn prefers whole raspberries in the shape of a smiley face. Experiment with your favorite nut butters and fruits, and let your spawn experiment with different shapes and flavors. It lends well to preschool aged DIY. It’s also good with chocolate chips, either alone or with fruit. Don’t discount the rice cake until you try it with nut butters and fruit and/or chocolate embellishments! Depending on what you top it with, it can be low carb, low cal, and low fat…

December 23, 2010

What I’ve learned from my spawn (and my nephew and my sunday school class)

by Gina
  • Dragons and unicorns can and do peacefully coexist. Except for when they don’t.
  • Pink is for girls. Black is for boys and Girl Spawn “because she sometimes plays with boy toys.” Blue is for everyone, but mostly boys.
  • If a kid doesn’t have Silly Bandz, it’s a crime against humanity. And, even boys can wear pink silly bandz because… well… they’re silly bandz!
  • Boys are just as sensitive as girls. They simply show it in different ways.
  • To the equal dismay of both Boy Spawn and Girl Spawn, society seems to think that boys are smart and technologically inclined, while girls are cute and frilly. Boy Spawn wants a “mindless” toy as often as he wants a “does cool tech stuff” toy. Same with Girl Spawn. And… come to think of it… same with every child I’ve ever known.
  • Not all girls look good in (or even like) baby pink, but good luck to those who want to buy a blue or red or black outfit for their toddler/preschool girl.
  • Pillows make great weapons.
  • The difference between “pasta” and “noodles” is that pasta is for grown-ups, and noodles are for kids.
December 6, 2010

Why, oh why, does Boy Spawn smell like a French whore?

by Gina

He’s only 6, so it’s not because he’s been sneaking girls into the house. Maybe it has something to do with sweet little 4 year old Girl Spawn spilling a quarter of a bottle of an essential oil blend on his bed? [While under the care of Ex-Husband, before anyone starts getting the idea they were left unattended]. Girl Spawn was saved from the wrath of Mommy by the fact that she is three kinds of sick all at once (chest cold, ear infection, stomach bug – all *wonderfully* invading her body at the same time). Poor girl. Not to say that the incident passed without even so much as a word uttered. We did talk about getting into things that belong to other people, and the fact that some oils, even if they smell good, do have medicinal properties so ALL of them should be treated as carefully as medicine, and the cost of oils and why only a drop or two is used at a time, and all that good stuff. It’s hard, however, to put a sneezy, pukey kid in time-out, without having a less than aromatic mess to clean up at the end of 4 minutes. Aside from the practical, it’s also heart wrenching to do ANYTHING but cuddle the spawn when they are as sick as she is. Besides, she burst into tears the moment she realized I knew what had happened. She knew it was wrong – even if it was selfish remorse, it was still remorse. So, yeah.

And poor boy. The oils soaked right through the sheet to the mattress. For the next few days, he’s getting a mega dose of aromatherapy at bedtime each night. He’s learning from his sisters mistake.

I suppose it’s my fault for leaving both the spawn and the essential oil blend under the care of Ex-Husband.

Note to self: Ex-Husband cannot be trusted around essential oils and Boy/Girl Spawn at the same time.

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