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December 23, 2010

What I’ve learned from my spawn (and my nephew and my sunday school class)

by Gina
  • Dragons and unicorns can and do peacefully coexist. Except for when they don’t.
  • Pink is for girls. Black is for boys and Girl Spawn “because she sometimes plays with boy toys.” Blue is for everyone, but mostly boys.
  • If a kid doesn’t have Silly Bandz, it’s a crime against humanity. And, even boys can wear pink silly bandz because… well… they’re silly bandz!
  • Boys are just as sensitive as girls. They simply show it in different ways.
  • To the equal dismay of both Boy Spawn and Girl Spawn, society seems to think that boys are smart and technologically inclined, while girls are cute and frilly. Boy Spawn wants a “mindless” toy as often as he wants a “does cool tech stuff” toy. Same with Girl Spawn. And… come to think of it… same with every child I’ve ever known.
  • Not all girls look good in (or even like) baby pink, but good luck to those who want to buy a blue or red or black outfit for their toddler/preschool girl.
  • Pillows make great weapons.
  • The difference between “pasta” and “noodles” is that pasta is for grown-ups, and noodles are for kids.
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