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December 28, 2010

I try to be good, but I get bored

by Gina

Reading over the posts I’ve made so far, I’ve realized that my blog is very quickly becoming rather boring. And why should it be anything else? It is, after-all, a reflection of my life and my life has been less than exciting the past few weeks. I don’t get out much. I should change that.

The picture to the left is a very good likeness of my current expression. The two differences are:

1. I’m not bald

2. I don’t have that much color in my cheeks (yes, the genetics of my family have made it possible to be more pale than white)

On an exciting note, roller derby season is right around the corner! February 5th marks the day of Kansas City Roller Warriors first bout of the year. I’ll be buying season tickets this year, I think. Now to find one person who can go with me to all five bouts, or five people who can go to one bout.

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