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December 11, 2010

Since when did *I* snore?!?!

by Gina

It was not my intention to create a new blog only to immediately abandon it. I’ve had the cold of colds, which started just days after the creation of this blog. The cold-of-colds really has me out of sorts. Because of that, this blog post is really all I could muster. I do have larger and more interesting topics to discuss, but in the mean time…

I woke up early this morning. You know that stage between fully asleep and fully awake? That’s the stage I was in when I thought to myself, “I’m snoring. What the… ?”

Almost immediately after that thought, I realized that not only was I snoring – I was NOT breathing! Yes, I was going through the motions of breathing (hence the snoring), but I was not receiving any oxygen. I could feel it. That feeling of being under water for too long… As a person who has been actively involved in water sports, raised around a large body of water… that’s a feeling I’ve felt before, and a feeling I fear. The realization that my lungs were not receiving oxygen caused me to immediately wake up and take a deep breath. The sudden onset of much needed oxygen was refreshing, but also alarming and painful. It was almost as if someone had injected me with pure, straight caffeine while simultaneously punching me in the chest. My heart was pounding, my mind was racing, my lungs were burning, and I was thinking to myself that if I had not awaken myself by snoring, I could have suffocated in my sleep. I do not have sleep apnea. What I do have is severe sinus inflammation and a sore throat, apparently to the point of airway blockage. And, it sucks.

What worries me even more is people in my life who have this problem on a regular basis. Not the problem of recurring or chronic cold symptoms, but legitimate sleep apnea. Ex-Husband has it. He’s even got a CPAP machine to go along with it. The CPAP machine concerns me very little. He was diagnosed with sleep apnea and prescribed the machine while we were married. I know the machine, barring a technical “blip” or user error, will keep him breathing at night. What concerns me is that he doesn’t use it. Not even on the nights when he is alone with Boy Spawn and Girl Spawn. Their ages are 6 and 4, respectively. What would it do to them to wake up in the morning and have their father… not wake up? They wouldn’t know that he suffocated in his sleep because he opted not to use his CPAP machine. Going beyond speculating what it would do to them, what would they DO? Would they know to call 911? Of course, the know now to call 911… Now that they’ve never had to. When I ask what to do in an emergency when mommy or daddy can’t use the phone, the fact that they need to call 911 an automatic response. But when daddy won’t wake up, would they think to make the phone call under that kind of pressure?

I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this. All I know for sure is that feeling like I couldn’t breathe scared the bejesus out of me. And now having experienced that, Ex-Husband’s refusal to use the machine that keeps him breathing at night makes me that much more uncomfortable… And I think I’ll end with that, before I go off on an Ex-Husband bashing tangent or cause myself more parental paranoia than necessary…

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