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January 7, 2012

A smoke-free me?

by Gina

Early last month, I made a small purchase at Walgreens. Or, well… to be totally honest, I made a regular purchase and “sneaked in” a small item which, if purchased alone, would have been a small purchase. I didn’t know it at the time, but that little act with that little item would give me the desire to be smoke-free by Christmas.

The item was a Blu disposable electronic cigarette.

I’ve had my eye on electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs) for years. I’m attracted to the fact that they are smoke-less and have much fewer chemicals than cigarettes. I wasn’t sure how I’d like e-cigs, so I figured that $7.99 for a disposable would be a great way to try them out before investing in an eventual cost-saving starter kit. When I got home with my new novelty purchase, I opened the package and started “smoking.” I loved it! The flavor was tobacco-ish, but better. Sweeter. The hit was very similar to the Camel Turkish Golds and the L&M Turkish Blend that I was accustomed to. And the smell? No offensive odor. According to others around me, it either smelled like nothing, or had a very slight coffee smell. After that first disposable, I made it a point purchased more when life would allow. Being smoke-free by Christmas didn’t exactly happen (I smoked two packs of Camels, and also used Ex-Husbands loose tobacco with rolling papers), but I was smoking less tobacco overall.

I’ve been doing the e-cig/regular cigarette combo consistently until today. Ex-Husband kindly purchased a Blu starter kit for me earlier in the day, and even though there is less nicotine in the starter kit versus the disposable e-cigs or regular cigarettes, I plan to not regularly smoke anything but my e-cigs from this point forward. I don’t feel comfortable saying that I’ve quit smoking, because I’m still “smoking” something (the e-cig community uses the term “vaping” because the smoke in an e-cig is not smoke, but water vaper). Either way, it is a better smelling and less chemical-y alternative to smoking, so it will be healthier for me (not totally healthy, but healthy-ER).

As for which brands are best, I’ve only tried two. Blu and Finity (both sold at Walgreens). In my humble opinion, Blu rocks when it comes to flavor and “hit.” The flavor of Finity, in my opinion, is gross and metallic tasting. Your mileage may vary, but I highly recommend Blu based on personal experience. Also, there might be other brands out there better than Blu, but I don’t have a desire to seek them out. For now, I’m happy with Blu and I like their products enough that I’m not inclined to seek out any other brands.

If you’d like more information about e-cigs and Blu, you can visit

*Blu and Walgreens gave me nothing for posting this. In fact, they don’t even know I’ve blogged about them! This is not an advertisement. :-)

April 5, 2011

It’s not that I have nothing to say…

by Gina

It’s not even that I don’t know how to say it. I simply don’t know how to write it. This is why my blog has been vacant for many weeks. I don’t know why it is that I can correct the hell out of the written words of others, while my own writing is deplorable. Hmm… A thought to ponder. Maybe one way to investigate this would be to write more about it. Or maybe not. I’ll have to let that idea simmer on the back burner for a while and see if it still smells appealing when I come back to it.

There’s a lot of stuff floating around in my head, so maybe I’ll give the active blogging thing one more try. Not so much at 3:45 in the morning, though. I’ll be back…

January 17, 2011

From displaced feelings to goodbye

by Gina

Stages of grief…

What are these “stages” of which you speak? “Roller coaster of grief” is a more realistic phrase. “Whirlwind of grief” is how I’ve come to think of it. To me, the word “stages” implies a hard and fast chronological sequence. It’s long been known in the worlds of psychology and psychiatry (and by many grieving individuals) that the stages are often not experienced in any set order, along any set time frame, and often not experienced singularly. You can have your stages, Ms. Kübler-Ross. I’m riding the whirlwind.


It’s become a familiar feeling during the course of my short life.

A friend of mine passed away a week ago. Eight days, to be exact. His death was both sudden and untimely, which I think, for most of his friends and family, added fuel to the already strong emotions that come with the passing of a loved one. It’s been a sad, weird week. To elaborate any further would be to dwell unnecessarily. Dwelling is not conducive to moving forward, so I will end with this:

Farewell, dear friend. You will be missed.

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