Blurbs from the Land of Chimpanzees

by Gina

Just a few things I’ve heard recently that were a little strange and funny to me. The first in what I hope to be an irregular series of posts… Why? Because it makes me laugh.

“When I die, I‘m going to turn into a grox [Dr. Seuss creature]. Then I’m going to rule the world!”
– by 4 year old Girl Spawn. Not entirely sure why she’s thinking about death or ruling the world at her age, but it made me laugh. It also made me wonder if she’ll need therapy in a few years

“Do you have a napkin I can borrow?”
– You can’t borrow one. You can have one, though. I don’t want it back!

“The white man purchased Alaska in 1969!”
– Said by a pasty white guy who claims to have been raised in Alaska. Hey Mister, you might want to subtract 102 years from that date. By the way, what color were the people who sold Alaska to the US?


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